"By your work you show what you love and what you know."

– Saint Bruno


Michael Sherman

My name is Michael Sherman. I was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but currently live in Bedford, Texas. 

I am passionate about graphic design and web development because of the creative outlet they provide. I believe there is always more to learn, and the satisfaction that comes with improving every day is unlike anything else I have experienced. 

When I'm not working on a project I can be found playing soccer or lacrosse, trying new recipes, or maybe folding the clothes I've been putting off.

I appreciate design in its many forms because it allows me to harness my creative ability in service of clients’ projects and needs. I am comfortable working in a fast-paced, creative environment and welcome the challenge it brings. The ability to do what I enjoy and excel at for a living is a gift, and I love every minute of it.

To speak to my technical abilities, I am a classically trained artist and painter who’s learned to apply those skills to electronic mediums. I have experience and training with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, and PowerPoint. I also have HTML5 and CSS experience that came in handy when I made my portfolio website!